Capstone Streamlines Operations with FieldFX

by | Jan 19, 2021

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For over three decades, Capstone Fire and Safety Management have been providers of onsite firefighting, technical rescue, and safety services for businesses, as well as federal, state, and local governments.

Capstone conducted their business on paper and Excel spreadsheets while performing all calculations by hand. To schedule jobs, they would have to manually call a list of available employees to find someone to fulfill the job. These methods became even more unmanageable as their business grew.

Capstone quickly realized they did not have enough manpower to sustain their old processes. They started looking for a solution that was intuitive and comprehensive that would help them solve all of their problems once and for all.

FieldFX checked the boxes for Capstone. In 2016, Capstone moved forward with FieldFX to streamline and improve their operations

With the help of FieldFX, Capstone is now able to digitally manage and track field tickets, forms, personnel qualifications, scheduling and dispatching. Trading paper and Excel for FieldFX has also provided Capstone with business analytics that previously did not exist. Today, FieldFX has transformed their operations to be efficient and streamlined.

Find out how Capstone streamlined their processes with our downloadable case study here.