How Capstone Fire and Safety Management Achieved 36% Growth with FieldFX

by | Dec 4, 2020

Get the full story on how Capstone achieved 36% growth with FieldFX, download the case study here.

As a company is on a growth trajectory, processes that once were feasible become obsolete. At this point, upgrading processes becomes essential for success. Capstone Fire and Safety Management did just that by integrating FieldFX to improve and streamline manual paper and Excel-based processes.

Capstone is a provider of onsite firefighting, technical rescue, and safety services for businesses, federal, state and local governments. As Capstone’s business saw significant demand, carrying out all of their tasks on paper and Excel spreadsheets became strenuous.

As Kristen Davis, Director of Account Management puts it, “doing everything by and on paper was manageable with five trucks. It was getting a little tricky at 10 trucks. But when we really started to gain steam, this was not going to be a sustainable methodology. It was becoming a nightmare!”

Capstone quickly realized they could not rely on manual archaic processes for much longer if they wanted to continue their growth trajectory. In 2016, Capstone turned to FieldFX to escape their paper nightmare.

In three years, Capstone has been able to submit over 14,201 tickets which would have been impossible to do without FieldFX.

“Last year, we hit 36% growth over the prior year.” Kristen shared with enthusiasm, “there’s no way on earth we could have done this without FieldFX or without the amazing support from LiquidFrameworks. I truly believe in FieldFX. I’ve taken my entire company on the product. I can’t say anything more about it. It’s just amazing.”

Find out how Capstone achieved their incredible results with our downloadable case study here.