Calculate Your ROI

by | Nov 7, 2018

The digital oilfield is now.  More and more companies are adopting new technology to maximize production in the field and reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).  As you contemplate whether or not to adopt a mobile field operations solution like FieldFX, there is a lot to take into consideration. When companies must manage a broad transformational change across their entire enterprise, it requires team “buy-in” as well as extensive planning and exacting execution. The benefits of such change, however, can result in dramatic outcomes.

A good first step is to calculate your ROI. Beyond the gained efficiencies and streamlined process, what is the actual dollar amount that can be recaptured by eliminating field ticket leakage, incorrectly billed and lost tickets, and omitted items? Realizing this number- and using it as a guidepost will help you as you make the change to a digital solution.

We have a tool that can provide a generalized idea of your ROI. But, I would encourage you to Contact Us and we can provide you with a complimentary, customized ROI calculation to assist you with your decision-making.