Embracing Digital Efficiency: How Basic Energy Services Leveraged FieldFX to Success

by | Jun 3, 2020

To get the full story on how FieldFX helped Basic Energy Services leave paper behind and supercharge efficiency, download the case study.

FieldFX helps oilfield service companies take charge of their field operations and achieve maximum productivity. By digitizing processes traditionally carried out with pen and paper, FieldFX empowers companies to stop revenue leakage, reduce DSOs, and achieve all-round efficiency.

A perfect example of what FieldFX can bring to a company is that of Basic Energy Services.

Basic Energy Services
(BES) is a wellsite service contractor that takes care of cradle-to-grave services for oil and gas wells in most of the basins in the US. Founded in 1992, they participate in all aspects of the oilfield services business: water hauling, water logistics, well services, completion remediation, and more.

But prior to December of 2016, they were a long way from being maximally efficient. As one member of staff recalled:

“We were running roughly 2,000 trucks. Then there was the water, the oilfield services, the rigs. That was a lot of logistical information to maintain. And our guys were using Post-It® notes and paper tickets! They would lose those tickets, they would drop them in the mud.”

Basic Energy Services needed help with two things:

  1. Standardizing their data and work, and;
  2. Enhancing their analytics reporting capabilities. 

FieldFX delivered, and now, everything is faster, easier, and available at the touch of a button. To read how Basic Energy Services leveraged FieldFX to such a success, download the case study here.