Announcing the FX Rental Module

by | Oct 1, 2021

LiquidFrameworks has added a new module, FX Rental, to the FieldFX suite. FX Rental is a fit-for-purpose module that provides a seamless experience from the warehouse, to the field, to the back office, capturing asset and consumable data throughout the rental lifecycle. 

“We are always listening to what our customers need and it’s exciting to be able to expand our product suite to meet those needs,” said Travis Parigi, Founder, and CEO of LiquidFrameworks. “Our customers have been sharing the challenges that asset rental presents and we’re excited to help them solve those problems.”

The FX Rental module gives companies the ability to: 

  • Centralized Rental Asset Data
  • Tracking Rental Assets from Quote to Invoice
  • Easily Build and View Pick Sheets 
  • Complete Visibility of Rental Asset Location and Availability
  • Enhance Equipment Utilization
  • Robust Reporting on Rental Assets

With FX Rental, companies can see full visibility and availability of their rental assets while streamlining processes, reducing back-office inefficiencies, and centralizing data with in FieldFX.

To see the FX Rental module in action, check out the FX Rental session at the 2021 ConnectFX conference. If you would like more information, schedule a demo